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True that these reverse lookup number services are a mish-mash of databases, but the most reliable ones are accurate, and give you information that you would otherwise have to dig around quite a bit. I guess people pay for them to save a whole bunch of time. With all of the telemarketers and scams going this day, nobody wants to answer their phone blindly. But yet everybody wants to know who called them..

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I had a comment that someone tried to publish and they asked a question but since the user tried to enter an anchor text link back for their name instead of a legitimate name I didn't publish it. What type of report do you provide here? Do you provide refunds for people if they are not satisfied? While there are many sites that offer reverse phone lookup services, there is no cell phone directory.

Tutorial - Reverse Phone Lookup (the free way.)

I visited the site you promote and found that it is just an affiliate site for phone detective. Nothing special. I've been in the data industry for over a decade and have seen countless affiliates come and go.

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The only way to really test a service is by requesting information on an invalid or known number. For example: Running the phone number tells a lot. While SearchBug. That's where hiring a professional investigator to conduct a verified reverse cell search comes in handy. Many times it might be a wife that has the phones in her name and wants to find out where her husband is… Do Not tell me that there is no one out there that wants to know!!! This would be helpful, especially if the wife is paying the bill!!!

So, How may wives want to know???? Cell phones that are not published wont show up. There is no such thing as a cell phone directory. It is very rare to find good data without the help of a private investigator. When it comes to reverse cell phone lookup information, you get what you pay for. It is really important to know who calls you, but make sure to think twice if you are being offered with free cell phone lookup information.

It is important to look for paid services because they can offer you with a peace of mind. Yeah sure. Your credibility is also a factor since this is the only comment in your profile for now.

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Hello Lori, We have a collection of millions of searchable public records dating back to fifteen years. Public records are created in a variety of ways including but not limited to magazine subscriptions, store reward cards, mortgage records, utility records, and other publicly shared information. If you are not participating in sharing your information actively, you may not have new public records being created often if at all, causing the lack of current information on record for you or other numbers you may have searched.

For this reason, we also offer Investigator assisted searches. Investigators have access to more information than we as common people since they are licensed. Typically, these searches are requested for hard to find information and information not available in public records such as bank account or employment information. Unfortunately, since it is against the law to obtain call records without consent from the party or a court order. Can you recommend a good performance reasonably priced site that can look up both numbers and text numbers as well?

Much Appreciated. Are you looking to get the name from a phone number or some other type of information. I really believe that although there are free public records available online, it is more advisable to consider paying little amount of cash for a reverse phone lookup expert. This person can provide more in depth information and can easily track down the origin of the call.

We know that the Internet can reveal countless of free services online.

This is the reason why we need to be cautious when we choose a service to lookup for cellular numbers and expect some charges to pay later on. Can you find a cell number if I provide a Name and address of a person. Do you have a plan by the month for unlimited searches? Thank you for your inquiry and comment. While there are different ways to search, depending on what information you already have to use including; name, address, phone number, and Email locating cell phone numbers is a bit more difficult.

We also have a Premium Membership which includes unlimited basic searches which I think is what you were asking but you also get access to our premium records which are aggregated public records and contain much more detailed information. Investigator assisted searches can locate cell phone numbers from name and address. These searches are much more accurate since locating cell phone numbers is rarely easy with most unlimited database systems. There is no such thing as a cell phone directory like published phone numbers in phone books.

Often data companies take phone books and digitize them for web lookups. The cell phone locate is conducted by a professional licensed private investigator and has a no-info refund available. If you happen to have the SSN, simply enter that information in the field and it reduces the price.

Investigators that conduct these searches have over 2 decades of experience in locating difficult to find people. Reverse cell phone lookup has only added further discomfort to our already growing discomfort regarding our privacy.

How to Look Up an Unlisted Telephone Number | It Still Works

These days the only thing you have to do is to type in the number in one of many free internet reverse phone lookup services and provided that the number in question is not unlisted, you will have the persons name, address and many other personal information right before you. So how can you protect yourself? Always, always have all your phone numbers unlisted. Provide your phone number only on a need to know basis, to your family and close friends.

Even if someone wants to pay for that information, it will be very hard to obtain your personal information in this way, if your phones are unlisted. This should be your first line of defense, and in case that your number is already listed ask your service provider to change it, and then have it unlisted. Use caller ID blocking system. Most cell phone models have that function ready for use, so why not use it if you have to call someone not on your friends list.

When calling friends however it is always good to let them see who is it that is calling them.

Why Government Agencies Use Private Cell Phone Number Databases?

The person you are calling will see just blank space with a message unknown or private being displayed instead of your number. Government laws. Government has many regulations and laws in place that protect your private information. OK, so maybe these laws are not perfect, but they do limit the amount of information that can be gathered about you without your approval.

Actually in this case reverse cell phone lookup is safer then most other information gathering services. For example, information from your drivers license or social security card can be far more dangerous and easier to use if someone would want to steal your identity. Finally reverse cell phone lookup is not the major thing that should worry you concerning your privacy. Besides that with a few simple steps you can make reasonably sure that, your private information is safe and secure.

look up private cell phone numbers for free Look up private cell phone numbers for free
look up private cell phone numbers for free Look up private cell phone numbers for free
look up private cell phone numbers for free Look up private cell phone numbers for free
look up private cell phone numbers for free Look up private cell phone numbers for free
look up private cell phone numbers for free Look up private cell phone numbers for free

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