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Dogpile is a tactic in rugby. Player dogpile each other means they jump over on other person and form a small tower, which aim to take the ball.

Say goodbye to Google: 14 alternative search engines

It gathers and compiles search results from multiple search engines to bring the most exact list of results. In , a man named Aaron Fin was so disappointed with the searching result in some search engines. He realized that he received multiple information that even not relevant to his query. The only small amount of them in the first pages satisfy him. Therefore, he planned to create a search engine by himself to give people the most exact result. Then he makes the Dogpile — one of the best search engines nowadays. As we said above, the most precise aspect of making Dogpile different from Google the most famous search engine in the world is the ability to filter most irrelevant results.

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Otherwise, the are some small unique features of the Dogpile. This function provides you with more prevalent searching questions that relate to yours. Are you looking for suggestion on the right side. The next one is the ability to track and display the searching history of 15 recent searches.

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You can also hide or clear them with ease, or turn of this function in the preference setting. Otherwise, there is one more option that makes it different from Google, which is the Search Filter. It can detect and remove sexually explicit content, which protects your device from unwanted sites that can contain viruses.

Since , Dogpile has been developing. It beat up many opponents and still stay alive nowadays. Verizon Media will also provide relevant ads to you on our partners' products.

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For example, when you search for a film, we use your search information and location to show the most relevant cinemas near you. We also use this information to show you ads for similar films you may like in the future.

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It also assists people in finding the help that is necessary for animals who are in need. More changes were in store for Dogpile. In July of , its parent company was sold to a company called OpenMail. At the time of the purchase, the company was named OpenMail, but they later changed their name to System1.

Dogpile was approached by University of Pittsburgh and well as Pennsylvania State University researchers about the possibility of a collaboration. They agreed to the proposal in April of The studies sought to measure the ranking differences among leading web search engines along with the overlap, so they could assess the advantages of using a meta-search engine in web searches. In short, the studies conducted through the collaboration between Dogpile and the two university research teams discovered that a comparison of Google, Yahoo and ask Jeeves resulted in only a 3.

Only 1.


This showed that the kind of results a user would receive from a web search depended on which engine that they used and they were not even close to being the same. When the researchers revealed the results of their studies, Dogpile realized that there was a need to make some big changes. People who were searching the web were not getting the information that they were looking for returned on the first page of search results.

Dogpile was inspired to redefine their own existing meta-search engine so they could improve on the results that were being delivered to those submitting queries.

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Dogpile

Dogpile seeks to continually improve the quality and relevance of the results that their search engine fetches for users submitting a query. They offer category links which aid users in focusing their search on specific categories. Some options include, News, Audio, and other broad categories so they can begin by defining the type of results that they are looking for.

By adding this extra definition, the results of the search are even more defined over conducting a more broad search in all or any category. Dogpile has an interesting representative who appears on their front page. Arfie is the dog that all users see. The use of this really cool visual brings together the jargon under a canine themed search engine that retrieves fetches.

These are terms that other search engine uses but having the name Dogpile and the Arfie character representing the site just seems to wrap the dog theme together in a neat and tidy package. Here is a fun fact about Dogpile. When it comes to conducting an informal study about how popular interests change over a period in time, this section will let you know what most people are looking for.

what other people are searching dogpile What other people are searching dogpile
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