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Users can also compare multiple vehicles at a time. The app has some features unique to the mobile experience. Beyond the app, FuelEconomy.

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Within the web version of the Find-a-Car tool, the Power Search allows users to filter vehicles by market class, minimum fuel economy, MSRP, and fuel type. The Gas Mileage Tips section provides information on how to drive more efficiently and better maintain your car, with specialty advice for driving in hot and cold weather.

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To make compliance even more difficult, each of the Big Three American automobile companies actually have to meet two sets of CAFE standards, one for domestically produced cars and one for foreign-made cars. In other words, the U. Since the large cars were more likely to be produced in the United States , the domestic-fleet target of Besides being ignorant of economics, our elite class does not know much about engineering. They assume that the auto manufacturers are deliberately hiding the technological silver bullet that will enable cars to get phenomenal gas mileage.

While a few known engineering changes could make marginal improvements, the only proven way to make substantial gains in miles-per-gallon efficiency is to reduce the weight of cars. This is accomplished by both making the cars smaller and by replacing steel parts with plastic parts.

U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)

The average weight of new cars has dropped by an average of 1, pounds since CAFE became law. While lighter cars get significantly better gas mileage than heavier cars do, this comes with a price. There is an unavoidable tradeoff between better mileage and safety. The following is not rocket science, just Physics Lightweight cars are less able than heavyweight cars to absorb the impact associated with a crash.

According to the EPA, this was one of the most fuel-efficient cars in America.

History of Vehicle Standards

It had a death rate double that of the overall car average. We conclude that the real social cost of government-mandated fuel economy is much greater than is commonly believed. Echoing a similar conclusion, in the National Academy of Science estimated that CAFE was responsible for between 1, and 2, fatalities and 13, to 26, incapacitating injuries in Yet they accounted for 37 percent of the vehicle deaths in It has been 28 years since CAFE became law.

A case could be made that this was and continues to be the worst piece of legislation ever passed by Congress. Contrary to grandiose predictions, it did not reduce oil consumption and it did not decrease our dependency on uncertain foreign sources of oil. It did, however, result in 60, deaths and hundreds of thousands of serious injuries.

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Given the damage done, CAFE should be scrapped. Any pending CAFE legislation should be permanently tabled as well. Micromanaging the automobile industry through government centralized planning has been a colossal failure. It is time to let the marketplace create jobs, save lives, and efficiently allocate resources. The automakers should no longer be punished for producing products that consumers want.

Consumers are fully capable of making rational decisions about cost, safety, fuel efficiency hybrid and non-hybrid , comfort, appearance, and size without government mandates. In , all the major players in heavy-duty diesels Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Mack Trucks, Navistar, Renault, and Volvo were cited for an engine-control strategy that leaned out the air-fuel ratio at steady highway speeds, which boosted fuel economy at the expense of NOx emissions. The mainstream press, not realizing the difference, often complains that automakers refuse to bring efficient models here when, in fact, they may not be all that efficient when measured by U.

How will the EPA measure the mileage of electric cars and plug-in hybrids? Particularly tricky are upcoming cars such as the Chevy Volt, which can travel a significant distance on electric-only power.

Fuel economy in automobiles

If the EPA were to run its fuel-economy tests with a fully charged battery, the Volt would burn no gas at all. According to the EPA, a likely solution is to test this new breed of hybrid twice—once in electric-only mode and again with the battery drained and the gas engine providing electricity—and then combine the test results. But should the two tests simply be averaged? GM argues that most customers will plug in the car at night and therefore be running on batteries the majority of the time, so the results should reflect a significant portion of efficient, electric-only driving.

For example, the Tesla gets 32 kWh per miles city and 33 highway, but these figures are Greek to American car buyers accustomed to miles per gallon. Everyone involved, including the automakers, seems to agree that all cars, including electrics, need to be rated on a mpg-equivalent basis where, for example, the amount of energy used by an electric vehicle could be converted into a volume of gas with the same energy content.

All window stickers would then contain mileage figures in mpg. Whatever the specifics, GM expects the Volt to carry a fuel-economy rating of well over mpg.

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The gas-guzzler tax was created as part of the Energy Act of and is enforced by the Internal Revenue Service. For the model year, automakers must meet an average of For each 0. Conversely, if an automaker exceeds the CAFE requirements in a given year, it can carry forward a credit to offset future shortcomings.

Currently being argued is whether companies should be allowed to buy and sell credits to each other. Electric-car maker Tesla, which has an inflated CAFE average of mpg, thanks to an adjustment factor devised by the Energy Department, would certainly benefit. Opponents of this modification argue that it will encourage production of larger vehicles because the larger the vehicle, the lower the fuel-economy hurdle. Type keyword s to search.

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find a car gov fuel miliage Find a car gov fuel miliage
find a car gov fuel miliage Find a car gov fuel miliage
find a car gov fuel miliage Find a car gov fuel miliage
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find a car gov fuel miliage Find a car gov fuel miliage
find a car gov fuel miliage Find a car gov fuel miliage
find a car gov fuel miliage Find a car gov fuel miliage

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