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What Are The Cons Of LVP?

Luxury vinyl planks looks like wood flooring. The reason? Luxury vinyl is a plastic.

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Most plastics are brittle without chemicals called plasticizers, and often these chemicals are thought to possibly be harmful especially to children and pregnant women. The plasticizers that are concerning in luxury vinyl are called phthalates. The definite impact of phthalates are unknown, but they are thought to possibly be a carcinogen and cause development and reproductive harm. With this in mind, nearly everyone is already exposed to phthalates. They are young and still developing, and they touch the floor with their hands crawling and put their hands in their mouth.

The good news is even if you want to avoid phthalates, you can still get luxury vinyl flooring. Certain manufacturers have committed to making phthalate-free and low VOC indoor air pollution luxury vinyl flooring.

How much does it cost to install vinyl flooring?

This section will cover both cost of luxury vinyl including the floor, other materials, and installation , as well as expected resale value:. The cost of luxury vinyl tile and planks is comparable to laminate. Check out our complete guide on luxury vinyl pricing if you want a more detailed breakdown and how to create a budget. The resale value of luxury vinyl flooring is simply not as good as it should be. With this in mind, ultimately people care about look, durability, and prestige when it comes to buying a home and flooring.

Luxury vinyl tiles meet the first two criteria, it just needs to shake the negative reputation of sheet vinyl. When this happens, I think luxury vinyl tile will jump laminate but still be behind hardwood in terms of desirability. This means that a company could make a poor quality vinyl floor in a plank or tile floor and call it luxury. If it does become common, the industry will have to create more specifications for you to determine the quality yourself. For now, you only have to pay attention to a couple of key indicators for the quality of your luxury vinyl….

For durability, you can focus on the wear layer. There are 5 layers of vinyl flooring: a backing, a core vinyl layer, the print layer, the wear layer, and then a top coating to protect against scratching and UV. And it is measured simply by how thick it is. Well… kind of simply. Manufacturers and retailers find ways to make it a little confusing.

Usually, it is measured in mm or mil. The wear layer should be at least 8 mil or 0. For high traffic areas or areas where you want the most durable nylon, go with a wear layer that is 20 mil or 0. In fact, I often see people ask about this more than the wear layer. But the truth is, total thickness matter much less than wear layer thickness. There is some value in the total thickness.

Thicker tiles or planks will mask some of the irregularity. The range is generally 2mm-7mm although there are some exceptions. Stay away from below 4mm if your sub-floor is not perfectly smooth. Luxury vinyl flooring does not require underlayment. In 9 out of 10 cases, you can install luxury vinyl without underlayment. However, there are a few cases where you can consider underlayment. The most common case for underlayment is to reduce foot noise from going through to the floor below.

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finding home depot vinyl wood strips Finding home depot vinyl wood strips
finding home depot vinyl wood strips Finding home depot vinyl wood strips
finding home depot vinyl wood strips Finding home depot vinyl wood strips
finding home depot vinyl wood strips Finding home depot vinyl wood strips
finding home depot vinyl wood strips Finding home depot vinyl wood strips
finding home depot vinyl wood strips Finding home depot vinyl wood strips

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