How to find own phone number

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I want to bring my own phone but need a new number.

What do I do? You've got two ways to get it: Activate it on a monthly plan. Call or visit a Virgin Mobile store to do it.

How To View your Own Phone Number In Android on Any network

Activate it on a prepaid plan. You can activate a prepaid account online. If you're having trouble, give us a shout at Good question. Mobile companies "lock" their phones so that they'll only work with SIM cards hooked up to their company's network. Switching this up so that a phone can work with any SIM card is called "unlocking". Right now, we can't unlock the phone for you.

You could ask to get it unlocked from the original company you bought it from or from a third-party store that offers unlocking. Don't forget that unlocking a phone could void its manufacturer's warranty.

We've got two ways to activate it: Visit a Virgin Mobile store Call With a Virgin Mobile SIM card you can talk and text in over countries and save coin at the same time. If you need to jet away somewhere, we'll help make sure you're covered.

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We've got travel packages and great roaming rates , so you won't get bill shock when you open your mobile bill. Check the status of your phone Also any phone with a tampered serial number may be exposed to being blacklisted by another party. Find out how you can protect yourself from phone theft. Why shop online? Sitemap Media Releases Jobs Virgin. What does Google Home record? Google Home doesn't record : The phone conversation. If I have multiple numbers associated with a contact, which one will it call? Your Google Assistant will read out the different associated numbers and you can choose which number to call using a voice command.

Eventually your Assistant will learn which number you use for certain contacts so you can skip this step in the future.

How to Find Your Phone Number on Android: 4 Steps (with Pictures)

Can someone call me on my Google Home versus me calling them? Can you block people on Google Home? Incoming calls aren't currently possible on Google Home so there's no ability to block a number. Use your voice to navigate through a phone tree. Can I call anyone all over the world? If you are using your Google Fi or Google Voice account to make calls from Google Home, you can make calls to all the same countries your plan allows for including countries beyond Canada and U.

You will be charged for such calls at the published rates of those respective services. Can I call other Google Homes? No, this is currently not possible as we do not support incoming calls but you can call the phones of friends, families and businesses.

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Are there any content or usage policies that apply to calling on Google Home? Additionally, Google Home follows the same acceptable use policy as Google Voice. Was this helpful? Once you purchase your phone number, the following take place: The phone widget appears at the bottom of your helpdesk. The availability toggle appears next to your profile in the top right corner. Your helpdesk dashboard will show a live summary of the number of calls in progress, number of agents online and a Call History button.

How to find my own phone number from setting on any android

Can you please tell us how we can improve this article? An intuitive, feature-rich, affordable customer support software. How many hours do the Reports take to get updated? How am I being billed for my current plan with Freshdesk?

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Why are the changes made on a ticket not reflecting in the reports? What are the different types of reports available across various plans in Freshdesk? What are the rate limits for the API calls to Freshdesk? Sign up for Freshdesk today Start your day free trial. No credit card required. No strings attached. Start Free Trial. Company About us Leadership Investors Careers.

how to find own phone number How to find own phone number
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