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A couple of factors determine the level of difficulty in a missing person search where there is little more than a name to start with. If the last name is Smith or Jones and the first is fairly common, the task is more difficult. The second factor is name changes. Women generally change their names when they get married.

This presents some of the more difficult locate projects, especially when the date of birth is unknown. The real-time missing person-the friend or relative or child that has disappeared recently requires-different strategies than those described to this point. We also employ high tech measures and discreet sources to obtain information leading to the missing person. Attorneys and law firms often need help locating missing persons as well. Tristar Investigation has been providing first class litigation support to lawyers for 30 years. We provide fast and efficient results and deliver them in a presentation that meets the needs of the legal industry.

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In addition we back up our work product with solid evidence and experienced testimony when needed. Thank you for providing me with such outstanding service.

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I have used Tristar for years. Their response time and results are unparalleled. They get my highest praise.

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Tristar found my birth mothers records the same day. I am very impressed with their professionalism and the services they provide. I will use them again for any of my needs. Tristar was very helpful in my address search. Kellie Anguiano was very personable and kept me up to date with the search process… Thank you so much for your help! Tristar is by far the most reliable and efficient investigator we have ever used. Tristar Investigation has been featured in a dozens of publications, everything from print to TV and radio.

Tristar Investigation founder Bruce Robertson was hired to track down the person who shot two endangered California Condors. In private detective and Tristar Investigation founder.

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Tristar has a year track record of delivering quality investigative results. Is it spelled correctly? Yes No. Or continue to start an investigation.

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Order Investigation. Free Consultation See Pricing Options. Missing Person Search Options. Request Now. How do we locate missing persons? Missing persons investigations and search. Missing person locates for attorneys, law firms.

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Frequently Asked Questions. How do I do a skip trace on a witness who has moved? If you need to do a skip trace on a witness who has moved the first thing to do is request a forwarding address from the local post office under the Freedom of Information act FOIA. The response you get will vary from one post office to another but do not expect a fast response from any of them.

It is often more efficient to hire a private investigator to do this since they have knowledge of the system and techniques that can expedite the process. If the post office route is not productive, finding a witness that has moved can also be accomplished by a private investigator that has access to proprietary consumer databases that are not available to the general public.

Some law firms also have access to these databases, however interpreting them and knowing how to best follow the leads in these search results is a special skill that allows a seasoned investigator to maximize the result. If database research does not yield the current location of the witness, then old fashioned gum-shoe investigation may be required. Going out to the last known address and talking to neighbors and apartment managers can yield a treasure trove of information, especially when a skilled undercover private eye is on the job.

I need to find a missing client Many times a civil law suit such as a personal injury case can take several years to wind its way through the courts. If you are an attorney who represents such clients invariably you will run into the situation where you go to contact your client about an upcoming deposition or other matter and low and behold you client has gone missing. Of course you will initially go through the process of trying to get a new address by the usual methods, doing forwarding address request or a skip trace however in many cases this will not produce the desired results.

This is when you need to hire a private investigator to track down your nomadic client. What the skilled private eye brings to the table is years of experience in finding where these missing people wander off to. They know how to read the address history to establish patterns. The can often tell if the subject has doubled back to a previous address or has moved in with relatives. And they know how to approach third parties such as neighbors and relatives to get the information on the new whereabouts without raising red flags that may dampen cooperation.

How can I locate the defendant to serve him? You could search on the Internet for further information - e. There are organisations that can be found on the Internet that will help in this situation they may charge a fee. Whilst this information has been provided in good faith, it should not be taken as legal advice. For information tailored to your circumstances, please contact your police force, solicitor or an advisory organisation as appropriate to your query. I've lost touch with someone and am not sure what to do.

Looking for someone I've lost touch with. How do I look for a friend I have lost touch with? Alternatively, you could try an internet tracing service that holds the electoral roll and directory enquiries, such as: www. How do I look for a partner or spouse I have lost touch with? You could try an internet tracing service that holds the electoral roll and directory enquiries, such as: www.

You could leave a message on an online message board, such as: www. Get Help I am missing.

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I am under 18 and have run away. I need to report someone missing.

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I am thinking of running away. Someone I love is missing. I've lost touch with someone. Get Involved Donate.

Free services to locate missing persons
Free services to locate missing persons
Free services to locate missing persons
Free services to locate missing persons
Free services to locate missing persons
Free services to locate missing persons
Free services to locate missing persons

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