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Stuttgart is often referred to as a "car city," with carmakers Daimler and Porsche both headquartered there. On average over a year, though, air quality in Stuttgart is much better than in many cities around the world - such as Beijing, Delhi or even Rome. According to EU law, cities may not exceed the yearly average threshold value of 40 micrograms per cubic meter for more than 35 times a year.

History of Reducing Air Pollution from Transportation in the United States

Like Stuttgart, other German cities such as Leipzig violate this standard. Environmental organizations including Deutsche Umwelthilfe have launched lawsuits against states in Germany to try and force them to comply with EU air pollution laws. Stuttgart lies in a basin. Depending on the weather, air pollution from exhaust can accumulate over the city. This is what led to the recent fine particulate alert. When it rains, the water droplets bind with the tiny particulates in the air, washing them into the city's drainage.

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The most polluted city in Germany, Stuttgart, has asked commuters to travel by public transport as air pollution there remains at harmful levels. Environmentalists say banning diesel vehicles is a better solution. A second smog alert has been issued in China, as the polluted air is expected to blanket large parts of the country. The alert is the second in just 10 days. Want to know the dirt on VW's faked diesel emissions? DW's environment desk provides an overview of what happened, what it means for health and the environment, and ramifications for green mobility.

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India's air pollution is cutting the lives of million people by about three years, a new study found. DW speaks to Nicholas Ryan, one of the study's authors, about how severe the country's air problems have become. Over 30 mayors from across the globe have pledged to deliver clean air for the million people living in their cities. Delivering clean air on such a scale will take both ambitious targets and concrete action.

India — Air Pollution Data Analysis

Driving bans, stricter emission rules and a hysterical debate over air pollution — this combination could permanently harm Germany's industrial icon. Southern Germany's automotive capital will become the second major city in Germany to impose a partial diesel driving ban. It is another blow to diesel makers and owners after the turmoil of Dieselgate. Gabriel and Neil go green, taking an open-minded, relevant and entertaining approach to various environmental issues. DW's half-hour radio show and podcast brings you environment stories from around the globe.

On this week's show: Waterless toilets for a Kenyan slum and creative innovations in rural Tanzania. This week's Eco India is all about waste — and how to turn it into something useful. More info OK. The Ports Initiative is working to develop and implement environmentally sustainable port strategies through partnerships between EPA and ports. EPA is supporting these efforts through a number of programs, including funding through the Diesel Emission Reductions Act.

EPA standards for transportation sources and voluntary programs have resulted in significant reductions in mobile source air toxic emissions.

Mobile source hazardous air pollutants have been cut in half since With additional fleet turnover, EPA expects that emission to be cut by 80 percent by the year To achieve the benefits of our regulations, EPA must ensure that the standards set for vehicles, engines and fuels are being met. One way EPA achieves this is by surveillance testing of cars, trucks and engines at our state-of-the-art National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory.

The laboratory also provides critical resource to accomplish the vehicle and engine testing work necessary to set vehicle and engine emissions standards and fuel standards. In states and communities throughout the country, state and local leaders are seeking to balance their air quality, climate, and transportation goals.

EPA provides useful information, tools, and links to resources that identify emission reduction strategies, national policies, regulations, incentive-based programs, funding sources, calculators, and other types of assistance to help states and local areas achieve their air quality and transportation objectives.

Contact Us to ask a question, provide feedback, or report a problem. Many factors contribute to the air quality. And Toyota is not limited to only focusing on how to improve air quality in Tokyo, but everywhere. Tokyo-based Kanto Bus, one of many operators in the capital, runs diesel-engine buses that run on light oil and spit out a nose-scrunching exhaust. Of its fleet of some buses, including public buses, no vehicles are hybrid, let alone all-electric.

Asked whether it plans to introduce any, a spokesman was noncommittal, citing high costs. Hino Motors, a major truck and bus manufacturer that is based in the Tokyo city of Hino, produces some 67, units every year for the domestic market, but its cumulative sales of hybrid vehicles stand at just 13, A common sight along Tokyo streets are professional drivers, workmen and other motorists relaxing, eating or sleeping in their vehicles with the engine running, even when temperatures are mild.

Asked how the municipal government is dealing with idling vehicles, a Bureau of Environment official said staff carry out crackdowns twice every January around City Hall in Shinjuku. These six sophisticated pieces of equipment continuously sniff the air for pollutants such as ozone, suspended particulate matter, nonmethane hydrocarbons and sulfur dioxide. Another machine measures weather conditions such as temperature and humidity, and an apparatus outside the hut gauges PM2.

Our air and our vehicles

The hut in Odaiba Rainbow Park is one of 82 air-monitoring stations throughout Tokyo. The hourly readings are around 0. Technicians conduct weekly maintenance checks on the sensitive equipment, removing airborne grit and replacing filters. He says they were much dirtier in the past. Cross-border pollution is also a factor affecting air quality in Tokyo. Clean-air campaigners recently claimed victory in recent months when various Japanese electric utilities and major conglomerates canceled three projects to construct coal-fired power plants in the Tokyo region, a move that would have led to more premature deaths from air pollution, according to Greenpeace International.

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If it overcomes local opposition , the plant would be the only facility of its kind in the Tokyo Bay region. Asuka estimates that PM2. As for Ishikawa, the health campaigner who is trying to recoup expenses incurred by fellow asthmatics, she continues to use inhalers and other medication when she struggles to breathe. Although we cannot identify such invisible factors, I believe that air pollution is one of the causes of my bronchial asthma. Click to enlarge. Tokyo , Air pollution , Tokyo Olympics , Timeout.

New Delhi imposes car rationing scheme to combat air pollution

Sorry, but your browser needs Javascript to use this site. Clear skies: Particulate matter emissions in Tokyo have dropped from 6. A fine tree that's worth getting to know Every month, at least once, I get invited to somewhere in Japan to talk about forests and woodland.

Even more often, people visit our woodland here in northern Nagano Prefecture and ask for a ta Debate over Japan's extinct wolf grows An unidentified animal howl recorded in the Okuchichibu mountains bears a strong resemblance to a wolf howl, according to an analysis of audio samples provided by Hiroshi Yagi, an independent resea

air quality smog graph check vehicle Air quality smog graph check vehicle
air quality smog graph check vehicle Air quality smog graph check vehicle
air quality smog graph check vehicle Air quality smog graph check vehicle
air quality smog graph check vehicle Air quality smog graph check vehicle
air quality smog graph check vehicle Air quality smog graph check vehicle
air quality smog graph check vehicle Air quality smog graph check vehicle
air quality smog graph check vehicle Air quality smog graph check vehicle
air quality smog graph check vehicle Air quality smog graph check vehicle

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