1979 chevrolet engine identification number

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Beginning in the stamp included the serial number of the car it was installed in. The engine in my Corvette contains the following number sequences: FHE. Decoded, the first sequence is 6 for the year 66 and then the VIN sequence of The second stamp decodes F for the Flint Plant, May 18 is the engine assembly date and the HE suffix code stands for a ci hp with a manual transmission. So there you have the basics of decoding engine numbers for the purpose of documentation. Please note that there are some exceptions to the information contained above.

In it is said that there was a shortage of blocks from the Flint plant, so Chevrolet used some engine blocks from Tonawanda. Those engines would have a T instead of F on the stamp, as well as the full year in the cast date. There are several publications that contain a breakdown of engine codes and sequences. The NCRS also provides a publication that details how engines were stamped and therefore, may help you identify restamped engines. Having a piece from July would not work even though it looks accurate.

Thanks for the comments. I have read in various books that it is acceptable for an engine block to be cast as much as 6 months in advance of the assembly. I think like you that anything over one to two months is cause for a red flag with further investigation necessary. Particularly as you get later in the build year. Hi, I have a small block motor that a friend says is a Corvette motor because it has the spark plug wire holders on the side.

The casting number is and the number on the front is FLA. Can you verify that this is a Corvette motor?

Chevy Casting Number identification - Block casting numbers

Thank you. Brian Stewart. I looked up the casting number and is a ci engine block used in Corvette and passenger trucks in The F would be for Flint and is December 14th. The only thing not checking out is the suffix code of LA. Can you see the engine cast date?

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Keith, I have a 30 Ford with a engine. The block numbers are the same as you listed for yours I would like to know what the standard HP is on this engine without any add ons. The casting number is , and I cannot find any information on this casting number. Any help with this engine casting number is appreciated! I have a 66 HP. T stamp pad on the engine block starts with TO does thst mean the engine is no a corvette engine since it was not built in Flint?.

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It is the original engine. Keith, what is the build date of you 66? Is there a publication for build dates. I am thinking about selling my 66 and I know i will be asked about numbers. My block was decked when it was rebuilt and now I am working on the numbers. My casting date on the block is B with a casting and the serial is How do you come up with a car build date. Can you tell me what I have. I have come across a corvette with an engine that has the folling numbers 5T also there is in smaller size the numbers F4 Can you please tell me what kind of engine I am dealing with in this car.

On July 10th I sent you a email regarding an engine in a 62 vette and for some reason my computer was blocking numerous incoming emails can you resent your rsponse. I need to know ASAP about the number on the engine in a 62 corvete which is supposed to have the original motor. In addition to the serial number of the car stamped on the pad in front of the motor, there is another number, which is FO22TRC.

The O22 is Jan 2nd. The RC is HP. If you have looked very carefully and find no numbers there, chances are your block is classified as a Replacement Block and will have no numbers stamped on that deck. The following numbers are the month first followed by the day of the month. The trailing letters denote what the engine was installed in. The possible Letters for the last ones are explained in the chart below.

If you have ever heard that the new style gets better compression numbers with an "" Head, look for the last three numbers of that Casting Number. I only put the numbers here that I can prove, so this is a short list. Toggle navigation.

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Critical Warning System! In later years, the size of the engine was cast into the driver's side block skirt. This will also have the 8 digit casting number nearby. Thanks, hursst and NTX I'll look at the website. I'm hoping it's a '67, I understand this was the first year for the ? This is only a block, but it looks old. The pistons have valve reliefs. A source I read said that the partial vin should have an "8" for the '68 model year instead of a "7" for this sequence of numbers.

The came out in '67, but it was a Camaro exclusive for the SS Not sure what you mean about the partial VIN. Yours shows a 7, why would an 8 be mentioned or the '68 model year be mentioned when your VIN has a 7? Thanks, hursst. Ok, This engine has this code 17K, 9 characters and it looks like '67 or '77, but the pictures on the site I looked at showed a '67 having a code 7A 8 characters and '68's with codes 18K23? These having a resemblance to the code on this engine except for the second character being an 8.

The pistons have valve reliefs, would a '77 had come with these?

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I did a little more research. Your block number , wasn't introduced until late April of , meaning it had to have been from There should also be a casting date on the block, which should be at the rear of the block to the right of the casting number. It should read something like M 3 7, Meaning Dec 3, , for your block. See if that is on the back of your block and that should answer the question about the date. Also, Chevrolet started painting their blocks "corporate blue" in , so if you have any blue paint left over on the block, then that's another give away.

Valve reliefs were common with certain Chev small blocks during the era, while others didn't have them.

Depends on the application. Hope this helps a little. I have no doubt it would be a model year motor, given the three letters at the end of the "machining code".

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Historically, "valve reliefs" might have started in the earlier s, when camshaft lifts increased during the "high compression" era, BUT the piston in the Chevy was what I term "4 valve cut-out, dished and beveled" piston in them. This same configuration piston was also used in the Corvettes with aluminum cylinder heads smaller combustion chambers and 9. The small block casting was pretty much common in the s. Or if the main journals were the same size, a Different strokes would mean different piston "compression height" for a constant "deck height" or compression ratio in the engine.

I also believe it could be either a 2-bolt or 4-bolt main block, depending upon how the main cap machining and such were done? Remember, it's the "machining code" which defines what the engine was built to go in and what other items were attached to it to make the completed engine assembly "hanging on the hook at the assembly plant". The smaller stamp is which particular vehicle it resided in.

This will identify the piston as.

1979 chevrolet engine identification number 1979 chevrolet engine identification number
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1979 chevrolet engine identification number 1979 chevrolet engine identification number
1979 chevrolet engine identification number 1979 chevrolet engine identification number
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