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Hop by hop analysis makes it easy to pin point problem areas. Reverse trace remote agents One of the most powerful features of VisualRoute SupportPro edition is the ability to create remote agents. Remote agents allow the user to perform a reverse trace between two locations without actually being present in either location. More information.

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This allows the user to uncover the IP address behind a domain name, such as www. You are now ready to restart the VisualPulse in-built web server. Click on the ' Stop ' button in the Server Console window Fig 3. The status bar of the Server Console window should now indicate that the web server component of VisualPulse is " Running Close the Server Console window click on ' OK ' and you will note that a new button has appeared at the bottom of the main server window.

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Learn More. This prevents any other application from using port 80 on a free IP address.

Once the license has been installed and authenticated on the server, clients can lease it. It must be connected to the same network as the clients, however. The license configuration dialog opens.

Click Floating. Under Server, enter the machine name or IP address of your server, or c lick the Refresh icon to see a list of machines with installed Ranorex License Managers in the network.

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The other fields are configured automatically. Click this button to reset all fields. Useful if you also have a node-locked license installed on the machine and want to use only it.

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When configuring a client, you can use the Type drop-down menu to specify the type of license you want this client to use. For example, if you plan to only run tests on this client, then Runtime would suffice. However, we recommend you leave Type on Auto. Auto recommended The client automatically requests the correct license for the current operation from the server. Runtime The client can only request a Runtime Floating License. This license type is limited to running tests via an Agent, the command line, or the Ranorex Test Suite Runner.

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Professional discontinued The client can only request a Professional Floating License. This license types is limited to Runtime Floating operations and using Ranorex Spy and tracking. Premium The client can only request a Premium Floating License.

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This license type has no limitations and is required for using the full functionality of Ranorex Studio, e. To see what the different license types allow, see License types above. When a client has leased a license from the server, the license becomes unavailable to other clients. After the triggering operation is finished e.

visual ip trace license key Visual ip trace license key
visual ip trace license key Visual ip trace license key
visual ip trace license key Visual ip trace license key
visual ip trace license key Visual ip trace license key
visual ip trace license key Visual ip trace license key

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